Position Paper eIDAS: eIdentification, eAuthentication and eSignatures and Trusted Services

Eurosmart, 29-03-2013

Eurosmart welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation on eIdentification, eAuthentication and eSignatures and Trusted Services (“eIDAS”) as another step forward towards removing existing barriers to Europe’s digital development.


The proposed Regulation is an opportunity to strengthen privacy while ensuring security for dematerialized transactions, and to bring convenience and reliability to electronic identification and trust services.


The Smart Security Industry, with its European roots, has developed worldwide over more than 20 years to a point where Eurosmart has reported over 7 billion smart secure devices were shipped in 2012. Smart secure devices, solutions and services represent one of the success factors of mobile telephony, secure payments and identity schemes. Massive investments made by the EU, the Member States and all the stakeholders have placed this industry at such a level that it is exporting massively worldwide. The EU should make full use of this competitive advantage.


Eurosmart thus welcomes the legal instrument proposed by the European Commission, as the former Directive 1999/93/EC did not provide a harmonized framework for electronic signatures. Yet Eurosmart believes the legislation could be amended to better contribute to the development of the digital economy by:


  • Reinforcing privacy protection through anonymous identification and authentication;
  • Re-using existing standards and certification frameworks created by the CEN and the ETSI;
  • Implementing a mandatory certification of the qualified electronic signature creation devices;
  • Ensuring international recognition and play on the strength of the European Smart security industry.

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